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Your home is as unique as you are. That's why we use smart home alarm controllers to create a place where you and your family can enjoy life together and feel safe, whatever your needs. A smart home system allows you to have state-of-the-art control and security and naturally with AE Security it’s completely tailored to your needs, to your home.

Thinking about getting a smart home automation and security system consider:

What adds: More safety, More energy savings, More $ savings, More time savings?

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Totally Connected from Anywhere

When you're away the app ensures you can stay in touch with your home. Full control of the system remains in your hands, while you leave the installation, updates, maintenance, and monitoring up to AE Security. Your local security specialist.

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Honeywell ProSeries Smart Home Controller

The ProSeries smart control connects your home with a brilliant 7 inch touchscreen display and built-in Amazon Alexa to control your security, lock your door, adjust the lights and much more.

Honeywell ProSeries Smart Home Controller

The Qolsys IQ4 boasts proven protection behind a striking screen. The ultimate home security and automation panel.

We can even add video alarm verification

There's nothing more important than protecting your home and family. So when it comes to looking after the things we love, we want simple, reliable ways to keep our homes safe. We trust the Honeywell family from Resideo products to create a smart home that looks after the people in it.

From door and window protection to glass break and motion detection. From fire to flood, carbon monoxide to smoke, we've got you covered. With professional 24/7 monitoring it means the people and things you love most are taken care of.

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AE Total Connect Scenes

Create a Scene!

Using Total Connect you can create a sequence of multiple actions such as turning inside lights on, turn outside lights off, open the drapes and turn off the alarm with the touch of just one button!