ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

If your building fire alarm system requires ULC fire alarm monitoring please allow us to bid on your system! Most fire alarm companies install and service the fire alarm system but they do not do fire alarm monitoring and dispatch.

AE Security is ULC certified to perform this service for you and we include the annual inspection and test at no additional charge! (any required parts are extra)

We install, service, monitor and test annually, a fully certified monitoring communication system that is connected to your existing ULC fire alarm panel in accordance with such legislation.

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Why AE Security

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

A Reliable Partner

We have been an Approved ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Company since 2003

Installation & Monitoring

Alberta Building code requires certain types of building occupancy have a ULC (Underwriters™ Laboratory of Canada) fire alarm installed and be monitored 24 hours.

No Charge Annual ULC Inspection

Most municipalities, including the City of Calgary, have enacted supplementary legislation requiring such buildings to have a certificated ULC fire alarm monitoring system installed, monitored and inspected. AE Security includes your mandatory annual ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring service call and Communication test at no extra charge!

Abnormal Environmental Condition Monitoring Systems

AE Security can also install systems to ensure critical equipment and systems are functioning properly, potentially saving thousands of dollars in damage.

We have sensors to monitor for flood, water level, high temperature, low temperature, power failure etc.

Elevator Telephone Monitoring

Elevators are required to have emergency telephones so that anyone trapped in an elevator can call for help. During these potentially traumatic situations we are there to help!

AE Security does not service elevators but our ULC certified monitoring station will provide the 24 hour emergency response needed to help and reassure anyone trapped in an elevator. From our ULC-listed monitoring station, we respond immediately to offer assurance to the caller that help is on the way, and notify the appropriate authorities to get help!