Security control panel showing large battery that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years

Control Panel Battery Replacement

Your security system has a rechargeable battery similar to a car battery, it needs to be replaced usually every 3 – 5 years. Your keypad will show a trouble condition and the monitoring station will be notified of the condition. This is not an emergency situation unless it is during a power failure. The battery should be replaced within a few days.

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How to Change Your Alarm Panel Back-Up Battery

Control Panel Battery Replacement

Step by Step

1: If you are in South Calgary give AE Security a call (403-531-1555) and drop by and purchase a replacement battery. If you don’t want to travel this far find the nearest “Battery Depot” to you and buy a “7 amp-hour 12 Volt battery”.

2: Call your monitoring station and put your account on test.

3: Locate your systems metal control panel cabinet (usually in the mechanical room) and open it with a screw driver or key.

4: The existing battery will be plainly visible if you are in the correct cabinet. Be careful not to disturb the many small circuit wires above the battery.

5: The red wire plugs into the “+” terminal and the black to the “ - “ terminal. Do not reverse the connections or touch the red and black ends together!

6: Simply unplug the old battery and plug in the new one, then gently close the box!

7: The low battery condition may take a few hours to clear depending on the charge level of the new battery.